We started as a Sacramento SEO and web design agency.

As many SEO companies like ours do, we started as a budding web design and SEM company. Back then, we had a simple goal: help small businesses and just about anybody else who we could convince to give us a chance. Oh, the days of trawling Craigslist...

Over time, we recognized that too many professional SEO agencies and digital marketing companies focused on the technical stuff: Churning out lifeless SEO reports. Fiddling with website URL structures. Poring over organic Google search term studies. Racing to climb the SEO ranks and dominate Google, Bing and Yahoo's search engine rankings.

But when you're focused on the numbers, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

We took a different route. We know that if you're a small business, you don't care about metrics on search queries and targeted keywords and rankings in Google. You don't need a pile of confusing data on search results.

When you come to a company like ours, your goal isn't just to improve your online visibility and get more customers to your website. You want to make the money you need to take care of your family and support future business growth.

That's why we take a more human, in-touch approach to marketing. We do rely on our understanding of local SEO and relevant search traffic, effective web designs, and inbound marketing to inform our decisions. But we know that our success boils down to helping our clients become better, more effective businesses.

This has allowed us to become one of the top local Internet marketing companies. We have been fortunate to work with companies from San Francisco to the East Coast and everywhere in between. We've even worked with several international companies as well.

It has been an exciting adventure, and a great opportunity to grow.

Josh Rubin with Marketing Team

What About Me?

I started my career in 2003, and found a passion for helping local businesses through design, marketing strategy, and common sense. I've run marketing departments for startups as well as national companies, and have found that I get the most satisfaction from helping people get better. In the years since, we have become one of the best SEO companies in Sacramento.

I won't brag about being an SEO expert or my certifications, portfolio, accolades, and so on. But, I will brag about the people I've helped. Go check out my portfolio and testimonials here.

So if you're a marketing company or a business owner, I'll gladly share all the "trade secrets" to help you be better at what you do. Online marketing can get overwhelming with all the various web sites, media outlets, acronyms, audiences and more; I help you make sense of it and find the best ways to promote your business to potential customers and get the best ROI.

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But we've grown up. We're not the little Sacramento web design company we once were. Now, we've got an amazing team of people who love what they do, and are dedicated to doing the best for our clients.

You're here on Creative California's original website. But we've stepped up our game by merging with another local Sacramento business, Post Modern Marketing. By our powers combined, we've been able to provide clients with killer web development services, SEO plans, Google AdWords pay per click campaigns, online reputation management, and social media marketing programs. So check them out to see our portfolio of work and to get started on your new website designs or search engine marketing campaign.

Otherwise, stick around here, and learn how I can help you get better at marketing, whether you're a marketing agency, or a business that runs your marketing in-house.

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Wait, you're still here? Well how about some details on our SEO Services

Frankly, this content is here because, when we look at the world of search engine optimization, you have to have relevant content related to the main topic of your site or page. It's just a necessary evil for showing up in search engine results. Our metrics show that less than 5% of people on this site even scroll down to this section.

But that's exactly the point! We'll work with you to determine what your site users are doing. Then, we'll make a marketing or SEO plan that addresses their behavior to get you the best results for the actions you desire, whether it's conversion rates, click-through, engagement, or simply getting more targeted traffic to your website.

If we work together, we'll cover all the actionable items you can do to help your page rank such as on-page best-practices, ideas to get your name out there (read: building links), building quality content, better appealing to local search traffic, and all the other necessary parts to beat out your competition in the search engines.

So please, go ahead and scroll back up and check out our main calls to action, read our blogs, or something else. This section is pretty boring.

Or Get in Touch with Me.

I love to help businesses improve through quality marketing efforts. It genuinely makes me incredibly happy to teach you, to see you grow, to enable you to make your work go further, and to see you and your company succeed.

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